Being home

There is a world out there I never knew ..
That’s painted in purple and yellow and all it’s hues ..
That I just came across ..
Because I pushed open a door ..
That was never there before ..
But appeared in front of me out of the blue ..

This place was filled with people that had mysterious smiles..
And pathways that led to destinies unknown ..

But once you were in there ..
You were secured like never before..

So I strolled..
And walked along a path that led to the sea..
When suddenly I met a pair of eyes that were smiling straight into me ..
Warm, trusting , true and naughty and loving..
We exchanged no words ..

But it was in the air..
As if I was forced towards him..
I followed the eyes and he led me..
To another door ..
Should I walk through with these eyes that looked so true ..
Or just pass this by and later regret ..

He held out his hand ..
Warmth spread in me as I touched his hand..
And held me in a grasp that was so strong ..
The touch was too familiar.. and I knew this is where I belong..

I followed him through the open door..
Twilight greeted us with it’s golden glow ..
We walked in and saw that there was golden sand at our feet ..
We walked in silence ..
Did not need to say a thing ..
I could just feel his heart beat synced with mine ..
And when I looked up into his eyes..
Just expected the unexpected all the time ..

Did I know this soul in another life time ..
Who made me feel so calm , so beautiful and so at peace ..
I searched inside his soul ..
And he just smiled ..
I wanted to say something ..
But I guess I was tongue tied ..
I held him tight
As the wind suddenly blew with all it’s might ..
He looked straight into my eyes and pushed my hair away from my face ..
Held out his hand ..
And we ran towards another door, at a crazy pace ..
Pushed it open..
To be greeted by a winding stair ..
We ran up …
Like kids would do ..
In wonderment of what it would open to …

I think it ran for many miles ..
But we were not tired ..
Just full of smiles ..
We reached the top
And just before we reached the unknown ..

His hands …Stopped me …
And held me close….
Looked deep into my  eyes and straight into my soul

And took me in my arms..

This felt like home ..


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